Phone Systems

One thing that businesses of all sizes require are telephones. Communication is key and phones are a method of mandate and BLC Telecom has the phone system to fit your business. Briefly described below you will find a list of the various services and products we offer in the realm of phone systems.

New Phone System Opening a new office? Finally ready for the phone system you always wanted? Contact BLC Telecom today! We have hundreds of different options that are sure to fit your needs. Whether you need 3 phones or 300 phones, we have the perfect system for you. We will help you design and install the full system of your dreams at a competitive cost you can afford.

Expanding Your Current Phone System Need to expand you current phone system without replacing everything you just bought? BLC Telecom can help you find and install the parts and components you need to get your system back up to speed. Call today to find out how.

Replacing Your Used Phone System Tired of living in the Telecom 'Dark Ages'? Upgrade your phone system now. BLC Telecom offers everything you need to out of the old and into the new. Designing, re-cabling, installing, testing, and servicing - a full package deal at a price you can afford.

Service and Maintenance on Your New or Existing Phone System Can't hear the person on the other end of your phone? Voicemail down and tried everything? Don't sweat it anymore. Contact BLC Telecom and we will take care of your worries in no time and allow you to get back to what you do best.

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Systems The latest and greatest technology allows you to connect the phones at multiple offices into one central system at a low cost you can't imagine. Contact BLC Telecom today and find out more!

Communication Equipment for People with Disabilities BLC Telecom handles the unique communication needs for people with disabilities. These include people with hearing, vision, and mobility disabilities. Please Contact BLC Telecom for more information.

Phone System Packages Need a professional phone system without the 'professional' price-tag? Take a look around the BLC Telecom store today for a phone system package that you can easily set up yourself for your home or small office.

Used Phone Systems You are in luck the company down the street from you just upgraded their entire phone system and BLC Telecom has our hands on their old unit. We've fixed it up to good working order and it is all ready for installation in your office. Call today to find out more.

Parts and Accessories for Phone Systems Can't find a headset you like? Looking for a novelty phone to complete your office? BLC Telecom has what you are looking for. Contact us today for more details. If you have any further questions about the BLC Telecom line of products or services, contact a sales representative today. We also encourage you to sign up for the BLC Newsletter to receive the latest industry information and BLC offers directly to your email box.