Win-Pak SE from Honeywell PDF 

WIN-PAK SE with VISTA integration makes it easy to control and manage employee or customer access to designated or restricted area(s) in any business. BLC Telecom can now provide a business owner the ability to:  

• Restrict access to certain areas
• Be able to tell which employees went into what area(s) at what time
• Control access during certain times (after hours, holidays, etc.)
• Easily manage time and attendance of employees
• Receive notification if a door is left open
• Control HVAC, security and other devices by preset event/actions
• Limit access to unauthorized use of equipment or machinery in industrial applications
• Incorporate elevator, parking and driveway access control and driver tracking

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Simply placing an access card near the reader will quickly and easily give access only to those specified. This card can also be used to disarm or arm the security system. There is no need to fumble with clumsy locks and keys or have employees remember multiple security codes. If a card is lost or stolen, it can be removed from the system without having to redistribute keys or change locks.

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